Solar Energy

Westside Housing Organization feels strongly that the benefits of solar energy ought to be available to everyone in Kansas City, including people who are economically disadvantaged or on fixed incomes.  
In the past year, Westside Housing Organization installed solar panels on two more of our buildings:  1655 Jefferson Street and 1716 E. 8th Street.  These panels are already reducing our electricity costs, allowing Westside Housing to focus more on repairs and on services to our residents. At 1716 E. 8th Street (the corner of 8th and Woodland),100% of the residential electric load will be supplied by the solar panels.  Residents of this building will not have an electric bill, but will pay a flat, monthly payment for rent and utilities throughout the year, keeping their housing costs affordable.  This is a first in Kansas City! We plan to continue to install solar in our buildings wherever possible.