West Switzer High School Development Project

Westside Housing, along with Dalmark, is one of the parties bidding to redevelop the West Switzer High School complex to make way for more housing and community space in Westside. We presented our ideas to the community and the school board in December 2013. Click here to be directed to the Kansas City School District website for more information. You can view our presentation by clicking on this link.

Westside Housing is your partner for remodels, rehab, or new construction!


Planting Flowers

Westside Housing has 40 years of experience building and rehabbing homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. Let us use our knowledge and experience to make your dream project a reality. Click here for more information, or contact Construction Project Manager Marlene Dade at 816-221-0286 for details.

Get your required homeowner education!

Westside Housing is now offering the 8-hour required HUD homebuyer course online! English and Spanish options are available. Click the image to go to the eHome website and start your training.

Our Vision

Westside Housing believes that our original neighborhoods deserve to be restored with equity and justice, and in a manner that honors the unique identity of each community we serve. Homes that are not only healthy and safe, but also green and energy efficient create the foundation for truly affordable and resilient communities. Ultimately, the success of our city depends on the strength and vibrancy of our workforce neighborhoods.

Our Mission

Westside Housing's mission is to build robust sustainable communities. We work with residents, local businesses and key stakeholders to rebuild neighborhoods so they are safe, affordable and healthy places where diverse people want to live, work and play.  Westside Housing demonstrates the principles of sustainability in all lines of business and the communities we serve.


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