October 6, 2015

Community Building and Engagement

We believe that connected neighborhoods are strong neighborhoods!

Community Building and Engagement at Westside Housing Organization comprises of  four programs:

  1. Resident Services coordinates resources, information-sharing and fellowship events for residents of our properties
  2. Community Engagement supports neighborhood groups, collaborating with and advocating for our neighbors in our service areas.
  3. Volunteer Management coordinates residents, individuals, students and and corporate groups in a variety of service projects, activities and lending support to our small but dedicated staff.

Workforce Development:  Westside Housing Organization has a partnership with Emerging Builders to train young people ages 16-24 in construction skills through a hands-on program on actual jobsites.  See next page for details.

Volunteers Wanted!

We are thrilled when when individuals and groups come alongside in the the work we do to engage Kansas City neighborhoods:

  • If you have professional knowledge and skills to offer, we may arrange educational sessions with residents on topics such as estate planning, tax preparation, health tips or parenting.
  • If you have administrative skills to offer, we can work with you to identify a special project or event where you can support our small, but dedicated staff.
  • Skills in graphic arts and grant writing are welcome.
  • Gardening skills and interest are always appreciated to support our urban greenspaces and community gardens.

Corporate Volunteer Teams

Corporate volunteer teams have worked with Westside Housing Organization over the years on neighborhood clean-ups, painting projects, landscaping design and installation and building new playgrounds and picnic areas. If your group has a volunteer day, we’d be pleased to help identify a project that would meet your goals while helping us better serve our residents.

Get Involved! 

Contact Westside Housing’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Warren Adams-Leavitt at w