July 15, 2020

End of Year Giving

We are launching our End of Year Giving Campaign, “Sharing Hope”. In times of collective strife, we as a community must show generosity to our neighbors with fewer resources. We are proud of the way that our donors, partners, and our city have stepped up to lend a helping hand to those impacted by COVID-19.

The pandemic unfortunately is far from over, and the number of those needing support has only increased. Here at Westside Housing, we are committed to keeping families in their homes through the duration of the pandemic regardless of their ability to pay rent. However, we ourselves need support in making that promise. We are asking our generous donors to consider sharing hope with the families we serve by giving towards rent relief and a grocery fund so that families can stay in their homes with food on their tables throughout the duration of virus peaks. All money raised will directly benefit residents in our apartments and homes.